U.S. Territories Quarter: 2009



  • The District of Columbia and United States Territories Quarter Program is a one-year initiative to honor the District of Columbia and the five United States Territories.
  • Under this program, the reverse design of the quarter-dollar will change six times in 2009.
  • The coins will be issued in equal sequential intervals for that one year.
  • The quarter-dollars will be released in the following order
      1. The District of Columbia
      2. The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
      3. Guam
      4. American Samoa
      5. The United States Virgin Islands
      6. The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
  • This program immediately follows the 50 State Quarters® Program, which ends in 2008.
  • The District of Columbia and United States Territories quarter-dollars will be legal tender coinage, issued by the United States Mint, and will be available in circulation.


Note: The obverse (heads) of the quarters will continue to bear the familiar image of George Washington.

District of Columbia Puerto Rico Guam
Mintage: 83.6M "P" & 88.8M "D" Mintage: 53.2M "P" & 86.0M "D" Mintage: 45.0M "P" & 42.6M "D"
American Samoa U.S. Virgin Islands Northern Mariana Islands
Mintage: 42.6M "P" & 39.6M "D" Mintage: 41.0M "P" & 41.0M "D" Mintage: 35.2M "P" & 37.6M "D"

Coin Specifications

  • Standard Weight = 5.670g
  • Standard Diameter = 0.955 in (24.26mm)
  • Thickness = 1.75 mm
  • Edge = Reeded
  • Composition = Cupro-Nickel Clad (8.33% Nickel, Balance Cu)
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