Uruguay: 2 Centesimos 1901-1951


Quick Coinage Facts

Number of Types: 2
Years Minted: 1901-1951
Composition: Copper/Nickel (1901-41), Copper (1943-1951)
Diameter: 20 mm
Weight: 3.5 grams
Total Mintage: 90,900,000
Mints: Santiago (So), Paris Berlin or Vienna (A), Poissy France (p)


the Inca sun god Inti has always played an important symbol in many cultures within South America and Uruguay is no exception. Inti (displayed as a radiant sun) is prominently displayed on the nation’s flag as well as their coinage. One example of this is the 2 Centesimo coin issued from 1901 to 1951.

For the series there are two specific types due to a composition change in 1943. Coins issued prior to 1943 had a copper/nickel composition while coins from 1943 and on had a composition of just copper.


The obverse design features a radiant sun design. On the outer periphery are the words “REPUBLICA ORIENTAL DEL URUGUAY” or Oriental Republic of Uruguay. The year of issue is located at the bottom center is flanked on either side by stars.

The reverse design features the denomination “2 CENTESIMOS” enclosed within a wreath. A mint mark of a small “o” over a large “S” will be present for Santiago issues. A mint mark of “A” will be present for Paris Berlin or Vienna. The 1924 coin was minted at the Poissy mint of France and features a privy mark just above the bow of the wreath.

Obverse Reverse
"So" Mint Mark "A" Mint Mark (p) Mint Mark
mintmark1.jpg mintmark2.JPG mintmark3.jpg

General Market Notes

There are no rarities in the series. All coins are readily available and affordable.

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