Typesets.Wikidot Toolbar

Check out our new web browser toolbar, it's free, private, and secure!

This is a real cool feature that I'm thrilled to bring to all of out loyal site visitors. It's easy to install and if you don't like it, its simple to uninstall.

Here is a summary of features:

  • Google Search window
  • Quick links to your favorite typesets.wikidot pages
  • Coin Mints & Ebay Coins quick links
  • E-mail notification - you can sync up with your gmail, yahoo, hotmail, or any POP3 account and merge them all into one notification
  • To-Do - gadget that lets you store notes and quickly retrieve without leaving your web browser window
  • Calculator - gadget when you need it
  • Weather - gadget that you can customize to your own location
  • Yahoo menu - with links to popular Yahoo features
  • Google menu - with links to popular Google features
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