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Copying Tables From A Website

I'm primarily a Firefox kinda guy but here is one where Microsoft Explorer 7.0 (or 6.0) has an edge.

How many have seen a table on a website and attempt to copy & paste into excel? Many folks will attest that this is a pain as it brings in all the funky graphics, html links, or adds all the text to a single cell leaving you to spend even more time re-formating everything. There is an easier way to export it to excel if you are using Microsoft Explorer and here's how:

  1. Simply hover your mouse over any table on a website
  2. Right click your mouse and a submenu will appear
  3. Near the bottom of the menu you will see "Export to Microsoft Excel" (click it)

That's it your done!

Another Way to Add Photos

Someone turned me on to a very simple solution that allows you display photos that are linked to cells by using the comments feature within excel.

In order to make this work effectively you'll need to go into the "Tools" menu and select "Options". On the "View" tab make sure that the "Comment indicator only" radio button is selected and then press OK.

Start by selecting the cell and add a Comment (with no text). After adding a Cell Comment, right click in the cell and choose Edit comment. Now double click the dotted outline of the Comment where the size handles are, and then click the "Colors and Lines" page tab. From this page click the drop arrow from the "Color" box and then "Fill Effects" and finally "Picture" then "Select Picture".

Linking Photos

I received some e-mails asking how to add pictures to the file. The easiest way is by creating a link to the photo.

I've attached a PDF file that provides instructions on how to do this. ;)

Creating a Want List

You can use "Set Description" field for not just coins you have but for even coins you don't have.

This is accomplished by simply adding the coins you are looking for to the inventory sheet and in the Set Description column use the phrase Want List.

Once you have this then you can do whatever you want, such as sorting by that field or using the filters to generate a want list that you can print out.

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