Spain 5 Pesetas: 1980-1982


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1980-1982
Composition: Copper-Nickel
Diameter: 23 mm
Weight: 5.75 grams
Total Mintage: 660,000,000
Edge: Smooth


Football in Europe (known as soccer in the States) has the largest, most loyal and fanatical fan support over any other sport. Spain is no exception to the wonderfully competitive game and in fact was chosen as host of the 1982 FIFA World Cup games.

To celebrate the honor of hosting the World Cup, Spain authorized a series of World Cup circulating commemoratives from 1980 to 1982.
The program featured a series of soccer designs for the 50 centimos, 1, 5, 25, 50, & 100 Pesetas coins. One example from this series is the 5 Pesetas.


The obverse design features a bust portrait of Juan Carlos I facing left. On the outer periphery are the words "JUAN CARLOS I REY DE ESPANA" or (Juan Carlos I King of Spain). Below the design is the year 1980 which represents the first year of issue.

The reverse design features a globe with soccer ball to the right with the words "ESPANA" and "82" on the globe to signify the 1982 World Cup Soccer Games. Also in the design is the denomination "5 PTAS" as well as a star with a number inside that represents the year of issue (80, 81, or 82).

Obverse Reverse
Spain5pesetasOBV.JPG Spain5pesetasREV.JPG


With Spanish coins it is quite popular to only list the full year of the start of a coin design and this year remains on all coinage regardless of when minted. Confused on how to differentiate minting years? No need to be, another standard is the use of a six pointed star with a number in it. This number actually represents the year of issue.

For example, If you have a coin dated 1980 and the number in the star is 81 then you have a coin that was minted in 1981.

General Market Notes

There are no keys to the series and all examples are extremely affordable.

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