Portugal: 4 Centavos 1917-1919


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1917-1919
Composition: Copper/Nickel
Diameter: 25 mm
Weight: 7 grams
1917 Mintage: 4,961,000
1919 Mintage: 10,067,000
Obverse Design: Denomination
Reverse Design: Bust Design


In 1910, the ruling Portuguese Monarchy was overthrown and a republic government was established in its place. 2 Years after the new government was formed a new decimal based monetary unit was created using an Escudo unit and 100 Centavos.

One early example of the new coinage was the odd denomination 4 centavo coin which was minted for only two years.


The obverse features a simple design with the denomination “4 CENTAVOS”.

The reverse design features a bust image of a young woman facing left who is supposed to be the allegorical figure of Portugal and Liberty. Some have interpreted use of a young girl or woman to be symbolic (from an age perspective) of the newness of the recently formed Republic.

General Market Notes

Minted for only two years there are no rarities for the series and acquiring an affordable example should be no problem.

Obverse Reverse
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