Polish Type Coin Sets


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Poland has always been a political hot bed in Europe and the 20th century was no exception. During the 20th century Poland became a republic (for the second time), was occupied by Germany in WWII, became a people's republic after the war, and has since become a democratic republic. Yet regardless of it's political past, the one thing that has remained common for Poland over the years is their ability to mint coinage.

If the estimate of $5,000 to complete a set seems too rich for your blood there are alternatives. The set can be subdivided into smaller type sets that cover the political time periods of:

  • 20th Century Republic
  • WWII Occupation
  • People's Republic
  • Democratic Republic

Poland's mint has produced so many beautiful commemoratives over the years that we had to limit our type sets to circulating coinage in order to allow for an achievable set to be acquired by collectors. We apologize to commemorative collectors but we needed a limit. Hopefully, in the near future, we'll find time to create a commem list but in the mean time feel free to use the info here.

Note: all checklists are in MS Excel format, if you want a list in a format other than Excel then please leave a post in the Forums.

20th Century Type Set Click here for checklist

  • Set does not include commemoratives, gold, or proofs
  • Total Coins to Complete: 66
  • Difficulty to Complete: Med
  • Cost to Assemble: Med (typically less than $5000)
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