Philippine 50 Centavos: 1947


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1947
Composition: 75% Silver, 28% Copper
Weight: 0.2411. actual silver weight
Mintages: 200,000
Edge: Reeded


For World War II aficionados, the 1947 Philippine 50 Centavos provides a wonderful collectors item from one of the world’s most historical events.

The coin design was used in 1947 only, is made of .7500 silver and commemorates the return of General Douglas MacArthur (one of the greatest U.S. military leaders from WW II battles in the Pacific). He returned to free the Philippines from the Japanese who had taken over the island two and a half years earlier during the Pacific campaigns of WWII.


The obverse design features a bust portrait of General Douglas MacArthur facing right. On the outer periphery are the words “DEFENDER AND LIBERATOR OF THE PHILIPPINES” and below the bust design is the date October 22, 1944 representing the day General MacArthur returned to the Philippines as he promised two and a half years prior. He brought with him an enormous invasion force and the largest naval fleet the world had ever seen.

The reverse design features a coat of arms with three stars, a sun, an eagle and a lion. There is a flower on either side of the coat of arms. On the upper outer periphery is the word “PHILIPPINES” and on the lower periphery are the words “FIFTY CENTAVOS”. Above the denomination is the date of issue with a mint mark “S” (SAN FRANCISCO).

Obverse Reverse
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