Peru 1864-1935 Un Sol


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1864-1935
Number of Types: 3

Type 1 Composition: 90% Silver, 10% Copper
Type 2 & 3 Composition: 50% Silver

Diameter: 37 mm

Type 1 Weight: 25 grams (0.7234 oz. actual silver weight)
Type 2 & 3 Weight: 25 grams (0.4019 oz. actual silver weight)

Obverse Design: National Arms
Reverse Design: Seated Libertad
Unique Features: none


Putting together a silver crown size type set? Many collectors tend to focus their collection on European issues, but, the America’s have their share of silver crown size coins that are unique, affordable and historical.

One fine example produced from 1864 to 1935 is the Peruvian Seated Libertad (Liberty) Sol (Sun). Measuring in at 37mm, this will not be the largest silver coin in your collection but it sure will not be the smallest either.

The obverse is emblazoned with the coat of arms of Peru, which is represented with Peruvian symbols, such as the national animal of Peru, the llama-like Vicuña (the South American version of a camel). To the right is the Peruvian national tree (a quina tree), and below is a cornucopia overflowing with coins, symbolizing Peru’s great wealth of precious metals. On the outer periphery are the words "REPUBLICA PERUANA" and "LIMA" (for the Lima Mint).

The reverse features a seated Lady Liberty holding a scepter topped by a Liberty Cap and a shield emblazoned with a radiant sun. In front of Liberty is a column topped with a wreath and wrapped with a ribbon on which is written the word “LIBERTAD”. On the upper outer periphery is the motto "FIRME Y FELIZ POR LA UNION" or "Steady and happy for the union". On the lower outer periphery is the denomination "UN SOL".

Obverse Reverse


Type 1 - Composition of 90% Silver and reverse design has the words “9 DECIMOS FINO” or “9 Tenths Fine”. Minted from 1864 to 1916

Type 2 - Composition of 50% Silver. Minted from 1922 to 1923. (NO Decimos Fino words on obverse)

Type 3 - Composition of 50% Silver and reverse design has the words “5 DECIMOS FINO” or “5 Tenths Fine”. Minted from 1923 to 19135

Type 1 Type 2 Type 3

Major Varieties

From 1863 to 1916, each obverse design featured two initials after the words “9 DECIMOS FINO”. The initials used were:

YB, YJ, LD, BF, FN, BD, RD, TD, TF, BR, F, JF & FG

Variety Example

General Market Notes

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