Paraguay 300 Guaranies: 1968


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1968
Composition: 72% Silver, 28% Copper
Diameter: 38.5 mm
Weight: 26.6 grams (0.6157 oz. actual silver weight)
Mintages: 250,000
Obverse Design: Bust
Reverse Design: Lion
Unique Features: Edge Lettering


The Paraguay 300 Guaranies is an interesting one year type coin. Besides being a large silver coin, it is the only coin to carry the denomination of 300 Guaranies.

The coin design was used in 1968 only, is made of .720 silver and commemorates the 4th term of President A. Stroessner, one of the longest ruling dictators in modern times.


The obverse design features a bust portrait of President Stroessner facing left. On the upper outer periphery is the name “STROESSNER” and below the bust design are the years representing the President’s fourth term “1968-1973”.

The reverse design features a lion in front of a pole and cap with the words “PAZ Y JUSTICIA” (Peace and Justice). On the upper outer periphery is the denomination “300 GUARANIES” and on the lower periphery are the words “REPUBLICA DEL PARAGUAY” (The Republic of Paraguay).

The coin edge lettering features the words “CENTENARIO DE LA EPOPEYA NACIONAL” (Centennial of the National Epic).

Obverse Reverse
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