Norway: 50 Ore 1926-1949


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1926-1949
Number of Types: 2
Composition: Copper/Nickel (1926-49), Nickel/Brass (1942)
Diameter: 22 mm
Weight: 4.8 grams
Type 1 Total Mintage: 24,319,100
Type 2 Total Mintage: 1,600,000


The obverse design features crowned monograms that form a cross with a hole in the center. On the outer periphery is the motto “ALT FOR NORGE” or as translated “ALL FOR NORWAY”.

The reverse design features a crown above the center hole and designs flanking either side. Directly below the center hole is the year of issue separated by the Kongsberg mint mark (two crossed hammers).


In 1942, composition was temporarily changed from a copper nickel composition to a nickel brass composition. Though 1.6 million coins were minted most were melted down and according to Krause Publications only 9,238 coins survived[1].

Type 1 – Copper Nickel (1926-1941, 1945-1949)
Type 2 – Nickel Brass (1942)

Obverse Reverse
Mint Mark

General Market Notes

The key to the series is the 1929 issue while the semi-keys are the 1939 and 1942 issues in grades of AU or higher.

1. Michael, Thomas, et al, eds. Collecting World Coins Circulating Issues 1901-Present. 12th Edition. Krause Publications Wisconsin, pp 690, 2008.
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