Norway Silver 10 Kroner: 1964


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1964
Composition: 90% Silver, 10% Copper
Diameter: 35 mm
Weight: 20 grams (0.5787 oz of silver)
Total Mintage: 1,408,000
Unique Features: Lettered Edge


The 1964 10 Kroner of Norway was a 1 year type coin issued to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the signing of their constitution.

In 1814, after being under Danish rule for several hundred years, the turmoil around France (Napoleon was forced to abdicate his authority that same year), opened a window of opportunity for the Norwegians to create their own constitution. Though the constitution did not grant them independence (that came in 1905), it did grant them a greater political voice and was a critical step towards their eventual independence.


The obverse design features the Norwegian Coat of Arms and on the outer periphery are the words “NORGE KONGERIKET” or Kingdom of Norway.

The reverse design features features a depiction of the original building where the constitution was signed in Eidsvoll, Norway. On the outer periphery is the town name “EIDSVOLL” and the dates “1814” & “1964”. Just below the building are three markings; the first are two letters "AB" and represent the Mint Masters initials (Arne Bakken), The second marking is the mint mark of the Norwegian Mint (two hammers), and the third marking are two letters "OH" and represent the Engravers initials (Øivind Hansen).

The coins edge is lettered with the phrase “ENIGE OG TRO TIL DOVRE FALLER“ or Agreed and true until Dovre falls. For those not familiar with Norway, Dovre is chain of Mountains in Norway.

Obverse Reverse
10Kroner_2.JPG  10Kroner_1.JPG
Reverse Markings

General Market Notes

Though less than 2 million coins were minted, many were saved and are readily available in high grades making this an affordable crown size coin. Also, besides being a commemorative coin another reason why these coins may have been saved lies in its composition. This was the first silver circulating coin issued by Norway since 1919.

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