Mexico:25 Centavos 1950-1953 Scales


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1950-1953
Composition: 30% Silver
Diameter: 21.5 mm
Weight: 3.33 grams (.0321 oz of silver)
Total Series Mintage: 185,640,000
Obverse Design: National Arms
Reverse Design: Scale Design


In 1950 the Mexico City Mint re-introduced a 25 centavos silver coin. It was unclear if the intent was to re-introduce the denomination or the classic scale design used on 25 centavos coinage from 1869 to 1892. Either way, the series was short lived and mintage was suspended after 1953.


The obverse design features the Mexican coat of arms, an eagle clutching a snake while it perches on a prickly pear cactus. On the outer periphery is the phrase “ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS” or as translated to English “United Mexican States”.

The reverse design features a scale (or balance) with a scroll in the center with the Spanish word “LEY” (law). Behind the scale design is a sword and above the design is a cap and rays design with word “LIBERTAD” (liberty) engraved onto the cap. Also on the reverse is the denomination “25” and “Cs.” As well as the year of issue and mint mark “Mo” for the Mexico City Mint.

Obverse Reverse

General Market Notes

There are no rarities for the series; all examples are readily available and affordable in all grades.

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