Wikidot Benefits and Features

Here is a list of features you can find at All the features listed below are the result of only a few assumptions we have made when designing Wikidot. And these assumptions are:

* easy, clean and powerful
* allow creating interactive sites (not just static pages)
* concentrate on tools to build communities and to communicate
* no unnecessary fanciness but use modern solutions
* design to scale well up to millions of users
* free, free, free!!! we will charge nothing for hosting your wiki and we can guarantee this!

And here is what you can find on

Free Wiki hosting

Any Site you create is and will be hosted for free. And we mean it: free! As free as a wiki can be. What does it mean?

Free ≠ not worth it
We are constantly working to provide professional, high quality wikis just for everyone. They are free not because they are crappy or we do not care but because we want Wikidot to be very, very popular and become a top choice for running a wiki.

free ≠ limited
We do not limit your wiki. We do not set any limits on number of pages, forums capacity, number of users (on public wikis) or bandwidth.

We will never ever pollute your wiki with unwanted ads, banners, pop-ups. Unlike most online wiki providers we do not want to earn money this way. We want to be different. And better.

Earn money

Now you can also monetize your wiki by placing AdSense advertisement units inside your wiki and earn as much as 80% of the revenue. Just in case free is not enough for you ;-)

Read more at our AdSense introduction, AdSense FAQ or go to AdSense panel.

Pre-defined Themes

Themes can be assigned to each of categories within a site separately. You can also use your own custom themes (CSS-based). Check out our simple theme previewer (we will add new themes soon!).

File storage

At the moment we offer 300 MB per Site for the files you can attach to pages. This will grow.

Forum for each Site

Wiki pages are not always sufficient for online communities. Forums are what you really want! Take a look at our Community Forum to have a glimpse.

RSS export

Stay notified! RSS for page changes, new forum posts, threads, page comments… Private (password-protected) RSS feeds for Site Administrators with Site notifications and private RSS feed for each User with account notifications are also awailable.


If you do not want your Wiki visible to everyone — no problem. Not only you can hide your personal data, you can also make whole Wikis visible to your friends or coworkers only. For free.

Tools for building communities is not only a place to create pages. It is a place to build communities. Therefore we offer forums, communication between users, interactivity.

Powerful Wiki syntax and engine

Our Wiki Syntax is certainly one of the most powerful available. Read more or try it in the Sandbox demo. Our engine is built not only to handle simple sites, but whole portals. It also allows to embed LaTeX-style equations, bibliography items, footnotes and more features. (also look at for more examples)


Enrich your pages with videos, music, podcasts, imported RSS feeds, images, bookmarks and much more. Extend your pages using a growing number of Modules that will help you build truly interactive portals.

Free domain mapping

If you decide you do not want to use the free subdomain within — we can handle any other domain (such as for you! For free.

Keep your Site organized

Categorize your content using page categories (namespaces), tags and "parent page" relation. Generate tag clouds, listings or even structured site maps.

Roles and the permissions system

You can decide who can edit, rename, attach files, replace/delete files within your pages. Who can start new forum threads, add new posts, edit posts and much more. Open your Site totally by allowing anonymous edits or keep number of your editors under control.

You can also allow Users to join your Sites and assign them roles (pages/forum Moderators, Administrators or just Members).

Content licenses

We highly recommend using Creative Commons licenses or GFDL for the content. Licenses can be easily chosen from the site management panel.

Secure login

When using you can be sure your private data is transmitted safely! No more plain-text passwords. We use a JavaScript implementation of RSA (512 bytes key) algorithm to encrypt your login data and other private stuff.

SSL (HTTPS) access

Need more security? Enable SSL access to your Wiki.


Private backups
You can easily create and download a ZIP archive containing a snapshot of your Wiki — source for all the pages and attached files.

Safe data — live backups
We do live database replication to a backup server in Europe and we synchronize file uploads every few hours. Our primary servers use top-quality hardware, redundant disk drives (RAID 1), redundant power supplies units and power lines, redundant internet connections… We are doing our best to keep accessible and reliable and to keep your data safe and consistent!

Did you know…

… that this site ( is also a Wiki without any extra tricks? ;-)

… that several companies and organizations are using Wikidot for their business?

… that there are hundreds of wikis set up by teachers for their classes?

… that Wikidot is one of the fastest-growing wiki farms?

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