Making Inserts For Safe-T Flips

To do this activity you will need:

  1. A printer with a bypass feeder
  2. Safe-T 2x2 flip with inserts
  3. Microsoft Word
  4. Template File (click here to open the template)

When you purchase a 100 count of Safe-T 2x2 flips, the package typically has a 4 inch by 9 inch sheet of perforated inserts so a collector can make annotations as they see fit. Ever wish you could just stick the sheet in your printer and get nice, neat, and professional looking inserts out?

Well now you can. As long as you have a printer with a bypass feeder and a version of Microsoft Word. Simply download the template, edit the text blocks, insert the 4x9 pages into your printers bypass tray and then print. Note that you will get an message block that some items are out of the print range, this is acceptable and simply print anyway regardless of the warning.

I cannot guarantee this template will work with other word processor programs that are compatible with Microsoft Word as these template do not always import nicely but you are welcome to try and if you have a similar template that you would like to post here feel free to leave a request in the Forums.

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