Lincoln Commemorative Cent


In recognition of the bicentennial of President Abraham Lincoln's birth and the 100th anniversary of the first issuance of the Lincoln cent the U.S. mint issued 4 different cent reverse designs for 2009. While the obverse (heads) will continue to bear the familiar likeness of President Lincoln currently on the one-cent coin, the reverse will reflect four different designs, each one representing a different aspect, or theme, of the life of President Lincoln. These new designs represent 4 new (and affordable) type coins for collectors to add to their collection.


Note: the obverse design will maintain the traditional Lincoln design from the previous Lincoln Memorial and Wheat type coins.

Birth and early childhood in Kentucky (1809-1816) Formative years in Indiana (1816-1830)
Professional Life in Illinois (1830-1861) Presidency in Washington, DC (1861-1865)

Coin Specifications

Circulating coinage
Mints: Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco
Composition: 0.992 zinc, 0.008 copper plating
Diameter: 19 mm
Weight: 2.5 grams
Edge: Smooth

Proof & Uncirculated sets
Mints: Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco
Composition: Bonze: 95% copper and 5% tin and zinc
Diameter: 19 mm
Weight: 3.11 grams
Edge: Smooth

These coins can be found in:
•2009 Proof Set - This 18 coin set will include four 2009-S Bronze Lincoln Cents struck by the San Francisco Mint. These will be proof coins.
•2009 Silver Proof Set - This 18 coin set will include some 90% silver coins, but also four Bronze Proof 2009-S Lincoln Cents.
•Lincoln Coin & Currency Set - This special set will include the 2009 Proof Lincoln Commemorative, as well as the four different 2009-S Proof Bronze cents.
•2009 Mint Set - This annual set includes 36 different coins. Included will be four 2009 Bronze Lincoln Cents produced at the Philadelphia Mint and four produced at the Denver Mint. These coins will have the satin finish that has been used on coins in the recent Uncirculated Mint Sets.

2009 Mintages (Copper plated Zinc)

Design type Denver Philadelphia Total Mintage
Birth and early childhood in Kentucky (1809-1816) 350,400,000 284,400,000 634,800,000
Formative years in Indiana (1816-1830) 363,600,000 376,000,000 739,600,000
Professional Life in Illinois (1830-1861) 336,000,000 316,000,000 652,000,000
Presidency in Washington, DC (1861-1865) 198,000,000 129,600,000 327,600,000

2009 Mintages (Bronze)

Design type Denver Philadelphia San Francisco
Birth and early childhood in Kentucky (1809-1816) 657,322 657,322 2,020,071
Formative years in Indiana (1816-1830) Same Same Same
Professional Life in Illinois (1830-1861) Same Same Same
Presidency in Washington, DC (1861-1865) Same Same Same
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