Liberty Cap - Head Right, 1/2 Cent: 1794-1797

Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1794-1797
Mints: Philadelphia
Composition: Copper
Diameter: 23.5 mm
Weight: 6.74 grams 1794-1795
5.44 grams 1795-1797 thin planchet
Total Mintage: approx. 350,520
Edge: lettered edge 1794-1795, plain 1795-1797


Designed and engraved by Robert Scot and later redesigned by John Smith Gardner in 1795, the half cent had a composition of 100% copper. The obverse design depicts an idealized head of Liberty facing right, with a large, floppy Phrygian cap on a pole in the background. Additionally, The inscription LIBERTY appears above the bust.

The reverse design has a laurel wreath of leaves and berries tied with a bow. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the fraction 1/200 surround the wreath, which encloses HALF CENT. A beaded border encircles the periphery on both sides of the coin, and the edges bear the incuse inscription TWO HUNDRED FOR A DOLLAR for 1794 and 1795 issues and a plain edge from 1795 to 1797.

There are no mint marks as the Philadelphia mint was the only mint during that time period so there were was no need.

General Market Notes

With a total series mintage of only 350,520 one would expect every issue to be rarity but do not fret. It is feasible to easily obtain a low grade piece for the years 1795 or 1797. The costly their prices do not command a rarity price. It is truly amazing how undervalued these coins are given their availability.

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