Ireland:Punt (Pound) 2000 Millenium


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 2000
Composition: Copper-Nickel
Diameter: 31.1 mm
Weight: 10 grams
Total Mintage: 5,000,000
Obverse Design: Harp
Reverse Design: Boat


The obverse design features the Irish Harp separating the date and legend “EIRE” or Ireland.

The reverse was designed by Alan Ardiff and Garret Stokes features a broighter boat which is based on an early Irish ornamental boat made in gold during the Iron Age and currently residing in the National Museum. Below the design is the word “MILLENNIUM” while to the left is the denomination “1£”. The broighter boat design is supposed to represent the passage of time and ability to navigate by the stars.


Obverse Reverse
2000_1OBV.JPG 2000_1REV.JPG

General Market Notes

Coins are readily available and affordable in all grades.

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