A Gift Idea

Maybe you have a child you'd like to get interested in coin collecting, or maybe someone on your gift list has already aspires to be a collector.

Curious on what to buy that potential new collector? Check out these ideas

Number 1 - Buy some books

Becoming knowledgeable about any hobby is should be the first thing a person should do. In fact, coin collecting demands it as it very easy to overpay for items.

But new books are expensive and can eat up your gift budget in one shot. Don't worry, the best alternative is overstocked or lightly used books.

Amazon.com , BarnesandNoble.com , and ebay.com are great sources to start with. I recently did a quick search for books for "Coin Collecting" at Amazon and some great deals jumped right off the page. Here are but a few of the great deals:

  • A Guide Book of United States Coins 2007 (60th Edition) for $5.90
  • Coin Collecting 101 What You Need to Know by Alan Herbert and Todd Haefer for $3.69
  • Collecting World Coins: More Than a Century of Circulating Issues- 1901-present (Collecting World Coins) by Colin R., II Bruce (Paperback - Aug 2006) for $6.50
  • The Whitman Coin Guide to Coin Collecting by Kenneth E. Bressett (Paperback - Sep 2003) for 28 cents
  • Photograde: A Photographic Grading Encyclopedia for United States Coins by James F. Ruddy (Paperback - Jun 1996) for $2.93

Choosing two books plus shipping could cost as little $14

Number 2 - Buy some coin holders

You probably see all those neat coin folders for Statehood Quarters or Presidential dollars and think it would be a neat thing to start a collector. My advice, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Instead buy some individual holders and let them figure out what they would like to collect. For beginners I recommend 2x2 flips w/inserts. A quick check at one of my favorite coin supply sites JP's (www.jpscorner.com) and I found 100 flips for just $4.95. (here's the link if you're interested http://www.jpscorner.com/Coin_Flips.htm)

Number 3 - Buy something to store coin holders

They'll need to store those coin holders in something once they start adding coins. A quick check back at JP's and I found an affordable solution. 10 Sheets of 20 Pocket Notebook Pages for 2x2 holders at a cost of only $3.50. These sheets are versatile and will fit in any standard three ring binder. Combining this with the 2x2 flips and the total cost with shipping is $14.45

Number 4 - Buy a magnifiying glass

They do make special ones for coin collectors but for the beginner anything from a local store with at least a 3x magnification is fine. Cost - approximately $7

If they use a magnifying glass then they will be handling coins so how about a pair of white cotton cloves from your local pharmacy? Cost - approximately $5

Number 5 - Give them some coins

This is an easy one. Have coin jar? Come 'on everyone has at least one spare change jar or tray hanging around somewhere (try the unused ashtray in your car). Give your spare change jar as part of the gift package. Cost -$0

Total Gift Cost

So at the end of the day where are we:
A couple of books - $14
Coin Supplies - $14.45
Glass & gloves - $12
Your spare change - $0

Total - $40.45

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