Greece 50 Drachmes: 1986-2000


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1986-2000
Composition: Nickel-Brass
Diameter: 27.6 mm
Weight: 9.2 grams
Total Mintage:
Edge: Smooth


In 2001, Greece converted its official currency to the Euro ending the centuries old denominations of Drachma . The Drachma dates back to Ancient Greek times and will be a monetary unit forever connected to Greece and its fabulous history.

When coin collectors hear Greece they instantly think of collecting ancient coins but they would be dismiss if they also ignored their modern coinage. Modern Greek coin designs are reflective of their History, Myths, Legends, Heroes, Philosophers, and Leaders giving a collector both an appreciation of art & history in one small package. One example of this is the 50 Drachmes coin minted from 1986 to 2000.


The obverse design features a bust portrait of Homer. Homer was a legendary poet from approximately the 8th century BC. His most famous works were the classic works of the Iliad & the Odyssey which are still being printed and read to this day.

The reverse design features an ancient sailing ship (Trireme) as well as the denomination & year of issue.

General Market Notes

The only key to the series is the 1993 issue as it was only issued in uncirculated mint sets.

Obverse Reverse
Grc50drachOBV.JPG Grc50drachREV.JPG
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