Germany Prussia 2 Mark: 1913 (Defeat of Napoleon)


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1913
Composition: 90% Silver, 10% Copper
Diameter: 28 mm
Weight: 11.11 grams (0.3215 oz of silver)
Total Mintage: 1,500,000
Mint: Berlin (A)
German State: Prussia


The Prussian 2 Mark is a large silver one year type coin. Measuring 28mm in diameter with a composition of 90% silver, the 2 Mark coin was issued as a special one year design to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Defeat of Napoleon and was one of two denominations to mark the event, the other was the 1913 3 Mark.

Victory over Napoleon

During the early 19th Century Napoleon's armies moved across Europe with devastating affect. But, all would change in 1812 with Napoleon's invasion of Russia. The severe Russian winter had devastated Napoleon's experienced and feared Grande Armée (an experienced fighting force of more than 600,000) forcing what remained of his armies into retreat out of Russia.

Napoleon's loss became Europe's gain. Not allowing the French nation to re-build its war machine, European nations united and began launching counter-offensives. In the land of the Rhine, the final battle was known as the Battle of Leipzig or Battle of the Nations. By October of 1813, Allied forces were victorious and Napoleon's forces retreated permanently from the Rhine.


The obverse design features an eagle with a snake in its talons. On the outer periphery are the words
“DEUTSCHES REICH” or GERMAN REICH, the year of issue, and the denomination ZWEI (2) MARK.

The reverse design features a Prussian leader on horseback surrounded by soldiers celebrating victory.
On the outer periphery are the words “DER KONIG RIEF UND ALLE ALLE KAMEN ” or THE KING CALLED AND ALL CAME. Below the design are the words “MIT GOTT FUR KOENIG UND VATERLAND “ or WITH GOD FOR KING AND HOMELAND as well as the date 17-3-1813 which represents the day Prussia declared war on France.

Obverse Reverse
2markobv.JPG 2markrev.JPG

General Market Notes

Despite two World Wars, quite a few specimens have survived in high grades making this an affordable coin.

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