Free Coin Inventory Templates


All the spreadsheet and database templates contained below are FREE for one and all. Each template reflects the hard work and experience of collectors that will hopefully save you time, money, and aggravation.

Not every one is a spreadsheet or database expert so we've included sections where folks can leave tips and tricks for others to use.

Don't have office software for spreadsheets or databases? Then be sure to check out our link for free office software.

Spreadsheet Templates

Template Name Notes or Source
U.S. Coin Inventory Version 3.2 Excel Template Typesets.Wikidot
U.S. Coin Inventory Version 3.0 OpenOffice Template Warning: file does not download properly using Microsoft Explorer. Please use Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari
World Coin Inventory Version 1.0 Excel Template Typesets.Wikidot
Member Donated Templates Contributor
Australian Coin Inventory Template (Courtesy of & Richard Goodstein)
CollectaCoin Coin Collecting Template (Courtesy of Allan Tribe and CollectACoin.)
GAdams U.S. Coin Inventory (MS Excel Template) (Courtesy of G.L. Adams)
Philippine coins made in US (per Redbook) MS Excel Template (Courtesy of G.L. Adams)

Database Templates

  • tbd - Wish to share an access, filemaker pro, or any other database template? Leave a post in the Forums and we'll get it loaded!

Free Office Software

If you need a free compatible Office Software solution you can download it for free at
The only catch is that it's a 96MB download so if you're still using dial-up then a download is out of the question. If you are truly stuck with no other options then contact us and we can work something out for you.

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