France:2 Francs 1944 Allied Occupation


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1944
Composition: Brass (copper, nickel, and aluminum)
Diameter: 28 mm
Weight: 8.15 grams
Total Series Mintage: 50,000,000
Obverse Design: Wreath
Reverse Design: Denomination


In preparation of the Liberation of France during World War II, the Allies decided to create "French" temporary money, which would be introduced by the American soldiers, during the progress of their Army through the country. This coin was struck by the Philadelphia Mint and circulated in the South of France and in Algeria, then still part of the French "Empire". This is the only metallic coinage struck for that purpose. But several banknotes were printed simultaneously, and circulated widely in France.

Although most French and World coin collectors generally find this coin "ugly", the reverse simplistic design may have influenced the design of later 2 Francs coins (see 2 Francs Jean Moulin).


The overall design is extremely minimalist, this coin was obviously not intended to be a masterwork, but to fulfill a pragmatic purpose in a peculiar and insecure period.

The obverse design consists of a wreath encircling the word "France". On the reverse, the motto "Liberté - Egalité - Fraternité" // "Liberty - Equality - Brotherhood" in English, is encircling the facial value "2 FR" - with a big "2" figure, above the year.

The edge is smooth.

This motto is usual for most French coins, but is especially noticeable here, because referring directly to the late (and hopefully future) French Republic. In 1944 the French regime governing the country was no more democratic, to some extent taking orders from the German Nazi occupation forces, and had imposed a specific coinage with the motto : "Travail - Famille - Patrie" // "Work - Family - Fatherland" in English.

Obverse Reverse
44OBV.jpg 44REV.jpg

General Market Notes

This coin is difficult to find in higher grades.

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