France: 1 Franc 1992 Republic Bicentennial


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1992
Composition: Nickel
Diameter: 24 mm
Weight: 6 grams
Mintage: 30, 000, 000 + 1850 Essays
Obverse Design: Head of Marianne
Reverse Design: Wreath


Between 1986 and 1996 several commemorative coins were issued by the French authorities, to celebrate the bicentennial of the French Revolution. This 1 Franc celebrates the birth of the 1st Republic in 1792, with a reproduction of a coin set of that time. Technically, the coin is derived from the 1 Franc Sower in nickel (1960-2001), and circulated widely together with this Sower.


The Obverse reproduces an ancient type set of the Revolution (see 5 centimes Dupré), with a Head of Marianne wearing a phrygian cap, one of the symbols of the French Republic. Beneath, the signature of the Engraver Dupré, as it was on the original type set. On the outer periphery are the words "République Française" // in English "French Republic".

The Reverse features a wreath encircling the facial value. On the outer periphery is the motto "Liberté - Egalité - Fraternité" // in English "Liberty - Equality - Brotherhood".

The coin edge is reeded.

Obverse Reverse

General Market Notes

Very common but difficult to find in the higher grades of Uncirculated (UNC) and Brilliant Uncirculated (BU), due to fabrication and packaging.
Some Proof strikes took place, in silver, gold and platinum, with a larger diameter for the silver coin (37 mm).

In the year 2000, the Dupré/Republic types appeared again (at other facial values), among different coins struck at a very low mintage for the collector market only.

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