Falkland Islands Penny


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1974 – Present
Number of Types: 2
Composition Type 1: Bronze
Composition Type 2: Copper Plated Steel
Type 1 Mintages: approximately 239,000
Type 2 Mintages: (still in production)
Diameter: 20 mm
Obverse Design: Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II
Reverse Design: Pair of penguins nesting
Unique Features: Plain


In an age where small denomination coins are being eliminated throughout the world, 1 penny coins are becoming more difficult to find with each passing year. One example of a modern penny still in production is the Falkland Islands 1 penny coin which offers an attractive reverse design that appeal to various world coin collecting interests.

The coin was issued sporadically from 1974 through present and has changed little since its introduction. The exception being a composition change in 1998 from bronze to copper-plated steel (type 2 coins). The obverse design features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and the reverse design features a pair of gentoo penguins standing around a nest with an egg.

The Falkland Islands 1 penny is an often overlooked modern coin but can offer a type set collector so many options at a very affordable (cheap) price. This one coin opens the door for many type collections and here are just a few ideas:

  • Small copper coins of the world
  • Animal coins type set
  • Falkland Islands type set
  • Queen Elizabeth II type set
  • Atlantic island coins type set

Are there more ideas… absolutely! Only your imagination is the limit.


Penguins and the Falkland Islands

The Falklands is surrounded by the South Atlantic Ocean and located 350 miles east of the South American mainland. There are five penguin species on the islands; the rockhopper, gentoo , king, macaroni, and magellanic penguins.

Mike Bingham writes on http://www.seabirds.org that the penguin population in the islands has declined by 84 percent since the 1980s. The Falklands was home to 6 million penguins in 1982 and by early this decade the number was estimated at less than 1 million. Essentially, the large decline was primarily due to starvation as the penguins had to compete with ever increasing commercial fishing operations.

Penguins of the Falkland Islands
gentoo.jpg king-penguins.jpg rock8.jpg macaroni.jpg magellanic.jpg
Gentoo Penguin King Penguin Rockhopper Penguin Macaroni Penguin Magellanic Penguin

General Market Notes

Most uncirculated examples are readily available and can be picked up from as low as face value to a high of $3. There are no notable rarities, though the 1998 Type 2 issue has a mintage of only 2500 coins and it’s price rarely exceeds the $2 price.

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