Falkland Islands


The Falkland Islands are not a true country but a U.K. Overseas Territory. Yet, their ability for self governance was inspiration to include them and their unique coinage into our type set family.

Falkland Island coinage did not appear on the islands until 1974 so they have a very short coinage history. This short history allows for one of our easiest type sets to complete. With only 28 coins and a cost of typically less than $200 to assemble it’s a set that beginners or collectors with small budgets can complete.

One pattern you will notice with their coinage is their recognition of wildlife and anyone attracted to animals on coins will find their coinage attractive. So download the checklist and start your collection today.

20th Century Type Set —> Click here for checklist
* Set does not include gold issues, proofs or non-circulating commems
* Total Coins to Complete: 28
* Difficulty to Complete: Low
* Cost to Assemble: Low (typically less than $200)

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