Commercial Coin Inventory Summary

Collectors throughout the world love to catalog their collections, yet some folks are just not proficient with creating or using spreadsheets and databases. Some cannot be bothered with the time investment of creating the file and still others simply do not like the constraints presented by these tools. So what is left for a collector? The only option left (besides pencil and paper) is to buy a commercial software package.

Though buying a pre-made software package sounds easy it's far from it:

  1. Choice. There are at least 13 titles with even more that are likely on the way.
  2. Features. Not all software packages are created equal. Some have more features than you need while others have less. You really need to find that balance between what you need and what you like.
  3. Content. Do you like built in coin info or are you just looking to enter data yourself
  4. Cost. Solutions starting as high as $99 or as low as 5$, so what's your budget like?
  5. Complexity. This is a big factor, especially if you are not comfortable using computers. Are you proficient or familiar with databases?

Listed below is a table that summarizes the current software available to help you in your search for just the right package. Unfortunately, the table does not include anything in regards to complexity as complexity in this context is almost impossible to define as it is based on individual perspective.

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Summary Table

Product Name Exact Change Coin Collectors assistant Plus Coin Collector Professional Coin Elite CoinManage Coin Organizer Deluxe EzCoin Coin Collector v3.0 Visual PackRat Plus 2.0 Pro-Coin 2006 Coin Tracker Numismatist's Notebook Coin Keeper Deluxe
Publisher Wild Man Software Carlisle Development Robert W. Benjamin Trove Software Liberty Street Software PrimaSoft PC Software SoftPro 2010 Inc. Duck Software Spectrum Software MWP Software CyberNiche Software Sandy Knoll Software HobbySoft
World coin database 60,000 types, 240 countries 5,000 types, 40 countries None Canada and Mexico sold separately ($30 each) 750 types from 12 countries included None 5325 US types, 1850 Canadian types sold separately ($44.99 each) None None None None None Canada and U.S. Commems sold separately ($24.99 each)
Includes Stock Coin Images More than 18,000 images U.S. coinage only None U.S. coinage only 459 images None 1330 US images, 1450 Canadian images (when both products are purchased) None None U.S. coinage only None None U.S. coinage (U.S. Commemoratives and Canadian sold separately)
Ability to Load Your Own Images Yes No But will display images from links Yes Yes Yes but complicated Yes Yes Yes but only one image Unknown Yes Yes but only one image Yes No
Ability to Create Categories Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown Yes Yes No No
Ability to Create Want Lists Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mintage Figures Included Yes No No Yes Yes No No No No No No No No
Foreign Date Converters Hebrew, Roman, Arab, Burmese, Thai, Bengali, Nepalese, Japanese, Taiwanese None None None None None None None None None None None
Ability to import .xls or .dbf Unknown No No No No Yes No No Unknown No No No No
Ability to export .xls or .dbf Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Unknown Yes No No No
Medium DVD CD Download CD CD or download CD or download CD or download CD or download CD or download CD or download CD or download Download CD
Minimum Operating System Windows XP Windows 95 Windows 95 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 95 Windows 95 Windows 95 Windows 95 Unknown Windows 95 Windows 95 Windows 95
Price as of June 2007 $79 $84.95 $19.99 $59 without values or $79 with values (Canada and Mexico additional $30 each) $49 for download, $59 for CD $65 (additional $8 for CD) $44.99 for U.S. $44.99 for Canada $14.95 $25.95 download, $29.95 CD $34.99 - $59.99 $25 download, $30 CD $5 $89.95 (U.S Commems and Canada additional $24.95 each)
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