Canada: 1999-2000 Millennium 25 Cent Series


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1999-2000
Number of Types: 24
Composition: 100% Nickel
Diameter: 23.8 mm
Weight: 5.03 grams
Total Mintages: ???
Edge: Reeded


To celebrate the new millennium, Canada created a two year circulating commemorative program that would be conducted in two parts (one in 1999 and one in 2000). Each program released 12 quarters per year ( 1 per month) and each featured a unique design.

The 1999 plan featured designs representative of Canada's past. In an open design contest called “Create a Centsation” over 33,000 designs were submitted for consideration.

The 2000 plan featured designs representative of Canada's dreams for a new millennium. A second design contest was held and over 66,000 designs were submitted for consideration.

Individual Coins

1999 January Issue A Country Unfolds 2000 January Issue Tomorrow Today
    Jan99.JPG           total mintage: 12,181,200 When put together the four images in this coin form the year 1999  Jan00.JPG    total mintage: 50,666,800 Maple leaf decorated with festive ribbon and three smaller maple leafs
1999 February Issue Etched in Stone 2000 February Issue Building for Tomorrow
    Feb99.JPG           total mintage: 14,469,250 Design features native petroglyphs that capture the historical heritage & spirituality of Canada  Feb00.JPG      total mintage: 36,078,360 Design features farms, cities, transportation and space exploration in a healthy environment
1999 March Issue The Log Drive 2000 March Issue The Power to Excel
    Mar99.JPG      total mintage: 15,033,500 Historical reference of Canadian raftsmen and the significant contribution they made to the growth and prosperity of Canada   Mar00.JPG     total mintage: 35,312,750 Represents future achievements in space research and discovery
1999 April Issue Our Northern Heritage 2000 April Issue Quest for a Cure
     Apr99.JPG        total mintage: 15,446,000 Design features Inuit art  Apr00.JPG       total mintage: 35,470,900 Represents Canada's commitment to medical research and development
1999 May Issue The Voyagers 2000 May Issue Our Natural Treasures
    May99.JPG     total mintage: 15,566,100 Homage to the explorers & pioneers that mapped the new lands and created the fur trade  May00.JPG     total mintage: 36,236,900 Represents Canada's commitment to protect its natural resources
1999 June Issue From Coast to Coast 2000 June Issue Hand in Hand
     June99.JPG       total mintage: 20,432,750 Celebrates the historic Pacific Railway that connects Canada from coast to coast   June00.JPG     total mintage: 35,184,200 Design features a mosaic in the form of the Maple Leaf, the mosaic is a compilation of all the varying cultures and beliefs that come together to form the nation
1999 July Issue A Nation of People 2000 July Issue Celebrating our Future
     July99.JPG     total mintage: 17,321,000 One continuous line depicts six people, representing law & order, learning, teaching, the arts, nature, and sports   July00.JPG    total mintage: 35,144,100 Design represents Canadian spirit, one of enthusiasm and goodwill to all in the world
1999 August Issue The Pioneer Spirit 2000 August Issue The Ties that Bind
    Aug99.JPG       total mintage: 18,153,700 Celebrates pioneers who came to Canada from other countries to enjoy prosperity and new beginnings   Aug00.JPG      total mintage: 35,107,700 Wolves in a symbol of togetherness representing the Canadian family
1999 September Issue Canada Through a Child's Eye 2000 September Issue The Legacy
     Sep99.JPG    total mintage: 31,539,350 Three children holding hands representing a united nation  Sep00.JPG     total mintage: 35,123,950 Displays the gift of wisdom being passed along from one generation to the next
1999 October Issue A Tribute to First Nations 2000 October Issue Expression for all Time
    Oct99.JPG      total mintage: 32,136,650 Symbolic representation of Canada's first inhabitants, the eagle, bear and killer whale represent the air, land, & sea   Oct00.JPG    total mintage: 35,316,770 Design celebrates history and future promise of Canadian art
1999 November Issue The Airplane Opens the North 2000 November Issue Strong and Free
   Nov99.JPG        total mintage: 27,162,800 Design pays tribute to the bush plane and its contribution to opening access to northern Canada  Nov00.JPG    total mintage: 35,188,900 Design embodies the hope that the values of freedom, peace & security will keep future generations healthy, happy and safe
1999 December Issue This is Canada 2000 December Issue Canada in the World
  Dec99.JPG        total mintage: 43,339,200 The 13 gear teeth on a wheel represents the 13 provinces, symbol celebrates Canada's rich variety – wheat fields, forests, mountains, native dwellings, and cities  Dec00.JPG    total mintage: 35,155,400 Displays Canada's commitment to leadership and contribution to the world as a whole
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