Canada: 1992 125th Confederacy 25 Cent Series


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1992
Number of Types: 12
Composition: 100% Nickel
Diameter: 23.8 mm
Weight: 5.03 grams
Total Mintages: 152,668,000
Edge: Reeded

Years before the United States issued their Statehood Quarters, Canada issued circulating commemoratives of their own 12 territories in celebration of their 125th Anniversary of the Canadian Confederacy.

In 1992, Canada celebrated it 125th Anniversary of the Confederation by issuing 12 different obverse designs (one design per month) of the twelve existing provinces and territories .

Coinage designs were based on designs submitted by citizens, each capturing a visually stunning image representative of their province or territory. Each coin had a composition of pure nickel, a diameter of 23.8 mm, and weighed 5.03 grams.

The series proved extremely popular among collectors and the general public. As a result many high grade examples were saved and are readily available at a cost just above face value.

The success of the program would not just be limited to Canada but would cross the border into the United States where the series became the inspiration for the United States Statehood Quarter series.

January Issue New Brunswick
NewBrunswick.JPG total mintage: 12,174,000
February Issue Northwest Territories
northwest.JPG total mintage: 12,582,000
March Issue Newfoundland
newfound.JPG total mintage: 11,405,000
April Issue Manitoba
manitoba.JPG total mintage: 11,349,000
May Issue Yukon
yukon.JPG total mintage: 10,388,000
June Issue Alberta
alberta.JPG total mintage: 12,133,000
July Issue Prince Edward Island
PrinceEdIsl.JPG total mintage: 13,001,000
August Issue Ontario
ontario.JPG total mintage: 14,263,000
September Issue Nova Scotia
novascotia.JPG total mintage: 13,600,000
October Issue Quebec
quebec.JPG total mintage: 13,607,000
November Issue Saskatchewan
saskatch.JPG total mintage: 14,165,000
December Issue British Columbia
britcolumbia.JPG total mintage: 14,001,000
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