Canada: 1858-1901 Victoria Large Cent


Quick Coinage Facts

Number of Types: 2
Years Minted: 1858-1901
Composition: 95% Copper, 4% Tin, 1% Zinc
Diameter Type: 25.4  mm
Type 1 Weight: 4.54 grams
Type 2 Weight: 5.67 grams
Type 1 Mintage: 10,000,000
Type 2 Mintage: 41,952,000


The obverse, designed by Leonard C. Wyon, features the bust image of Queen Victoria facing left.  On the outer periphery are the words "VICTORIA DEI GRATIA REGINA" (latin for "By the Grace of God, Queen") and "CANADA".

The reverse features a wreath that encircles the words "ONE CENT" with the date below.


Only two types exist for the series

  1. Type 1 – Young Head 1858-1859
  2. Type 2 – Matron Head 1876-1901


Prior to 1908, there was no mint in Canada, and all of Canada's coins were struck in England. Those coins that do not have a mint mark were struck at the Royal Mint at London. Those with the "H" mint mark were struck at the Heaton Mint at Birmingham.

General Market Notes

Excluding die & error varieties, the keys to the series are the 1858, 1890H, & 1891 issues. For die & error varieties the key (and most expensive coin of the entire series) is the 1859 Type I Double Punched Narrow 9.

Obverse Reverse
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