Brazil 2000 Reis 1939


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 1939
Composition: Aluminum-Bronze
Diameter: 26 mm
Obverse Design: Floriano Peixoto
Reverse Design: Ornamental Design
Unique Features: Smooth Edge


When it comes to one year type coins the world is our proverbial oyster. A fine example of a one year type coin is the 1939 Brazilian 2000 Reis. The 1939 2000 Reis was a circulating commemorative to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the defeat of the Monarch Pedro II and the birth of the new republic.

On the obverse is a simple but attractive ornamental design encircling BRASIL 2000 REIS and the date.

On the reverse we have a portrait of Floriano Peixoto. Floriano Peixoto was an Army marshal, statesmen, vice president, and second president of Brazil.


After the monarchy of Pedro II was toppled, General Deodoro da Fonseca became Brazil’s first president in 1891 and with Floriano Peixoto as vice president. In November of 1891, President Deodoro da Fonseca resigned in the face of a revolution and Peixoto succeeded to the presidency.


Peixoto assumed the role of presidency during difficult times. The newly formed republic government was still unstable while various factions and rebellions where constantly maneuvering to gain political power. Peixoto executed his appointment in a dictatorial fashion while from 1893 to 1894 responsible for suppressing a naval revolt, military movement in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, and a military movement in the State of Santa Catarina. His dictatorial and firm controls earned him the nickname of "The Iron Marshal" and quickly became unpopular and lost his re-election bid.

Despite Peixoto’s lack of popularity it was by his firmness that consolidated the new republican government and avoided a collapse into anarchy. His efforts did not go unnoticed as he was later referred to as "the Consolidator of the Republic" and thus earning his portrait on the anniversary coin and not that of the first president (and rebellion general) Deodoro da Fonseca.

General Market Notes

Obtaining an example should be of little effort. Slightly more than 5 million coins were produced and without any silver or gold content there is little price influence here making the 2000 reis an affordable pick-up for any collection

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