2008 Bald Eagle Gold $5


Quick Coinage Facts

Years Minted: 2008
Mints: Philadelphia
Composition: 0.9000 gold, 0.1000 alloy
Diameter: 21.59 mm or 0.850 inches (± 0.003 inches)
Weight: 8.359 grams
Total Mintage: Prf - 52,374 Unc - 12,245
64,619 out of 100,000 total authorized (across all product options)
Edge: reeded
Authority: Public Law 108-486

In celebration of the American Bald Eagle being removed from the endangered species list, a special commemorative coin program was enacted. The 2008 Bald Eagle commemorative program was created to generate funds for the not-for-profit American Eagle Foundation of Tennessee. There are three denominations in the commemorative program. In addition to the gold $5 discussed here there was also a clad half dollar, and a silver dollar coin both discussed elsewhere.

Obverse Reverse
2008%20%245%20Eagle%20obv.jpg 2008%20%245%20Eagle%20rev.jpg
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